Lyn Sweet Art

Booking Info



-Must be 18 years or older to be tattooed by me.
-You can either purchase a flash deposit on this site to claim the drawing (each drawing is only tattooed once unless otherwise stated) or email me an inquiry about a commission.
- I only tattoo my own artwork with the rare exception of tatttoing another artists work if it's similar to mine and you have permission from the artist.
- I primarily tattoo in black and grey but will occasionally add a pop of color (turquoise, yellow, pink or greens) if requested

Your deposit covers the $50 drawing fee and the other $50 will count towards the total cost of your tattoo. If you reschedule within 2 weeks before your appt your entire deposit will not be refunded and you’ll have to send another $50 to claim the drawing and make another appt. (There are a few exceptions, please list your reason for cancelation and I’ll review it)

Once you have paid for your deposit I will email you within 24 hours the link to my calander to book your appt. 
Sun/Mon/Tues 12pm-5pm in San Diego

You may use the calander link to reschedule but please only do so if our appt  is farther than 2 weeks away. If it's 13 days away please email me first before reboooking.

I like to draw things within my style and subject matter like but not limited to: mushrooms, plants, aquatic animals, alien themed creatures, organic shapes, eyeballs, video game references, fantasy

When emailing me about a commission please include
x reference images of either my work or  subject matter your wanting
x size/location (if known)
x budget if you have one

I do not do coverups but I do incorporate my art within an exsisting piece if it fits my style. This is a more collaborative way to not fully cover up a piece up give it new life.

Tattoos are expensive. I split my rate 40/60 with the shop and pay roughly 20% in taxes.
I do recieve 100% of the tip. (tips are ALWAYS appreciated. Customary tip for tattoos can be whatever you'd like but a good base is 20% of total cost)
Cash and venmo are accepted.
My average hourly rate is $200-300 an hour. sometimes I charge by piece because I tattoo VERY fast.
My minimum is $200.
My average pieces cost between $200-$800 per tattoo which is a 1-4 hour session.

I do try to work within budgets if they're reasonable, just ask.

Getting tattooed should be a fun, exciting experience and I hope I hold a safe space for you while youre here. If at any point you don't feel comfortable with an artist it is ok to walk away. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or curiosities!