Space Giraffe // Eco Friendly Yoga Mat


I paired up with Big Raven Yoga to make these sustainable, high quality mats for you!

Need a yoga mat sling/holder? Check out @krazyfingerscrafts on Instagram for a beautifully handmade hemp one!

A little about the mat:
Our mats are brushed microfiber suede bonded to a biodegradable, recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber base. The microfiber suede surface is made from a proprietary blend of recyled polyster and nylon. The construction is simple, but developing and sourcing the materials was not!

Why microfiber suede?
After experimenting with many materials, we finally settled on microfiber suede. It’s soft when it’s dry, incredibly grippy when it’s damp, and it feels really nice on our skin. It dries quickly, washes up well, doesn’t fade or bleed, and produces extremely vibrant colors. We use a microfiber top for the same reason so many yogis use a microfiber towel on their existing mat, but without all the slipping and wadding and bunching! Also, our microfiber is eco-friendly — surprising since it’s synthetic — but the mat’s polyester and nylon microfibers are made from other recycled synthetics, which lessens our impact on the environment. In addition, our entire mat is recyclable (the top) or recyclable AND biodegradable (the bottom